Detail Profile School!!

Judul : School!! Romaji : Sukuru!! Japanese : スクール!! Tanggal Rilis : January 16, 2011 – March 20, 2011 Tayang : Sundays 21:00-21:54 Bahasa : Japanese Negara : Japan Sutradara : Kazuyuki Iwata, Masato Hijikata, Shin Hirano Penulis Naskah : Hayashi Mori, Takehiko Hata Stasiun Channel : Fuji TV

Sinopsis School!! :

Actor Yosuke Eguchi plays a passionate principal at a public elementary school where he graduated from. The school now has lots problems.

Prior to his current job, the principal worked as a construction site manager. In order to keep his teacher’s promise, the construction site manager took the principal job. The elementary school was about to close. He now attempts to change the school with his bright personality and acting power.

Pemeran Utama School!! :

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